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reACT Training

reACT Training - Design and development

IO3 is the main result of the REACT project; it consists in a set of web courses specifically designed for women.

IO3 offers two categories of business training courses depending on the participant's business development stage. There is a category for beginners that targets women thinking about opening a business, those who already have a specific idea in mind and those that have previous experience with running their own business, but that for various reasons are not in entrepreneurship at the moment. The business training for beginners includes four modules.

The four modules are

  • business environment (local/national/European/international)
  • how to set up a business
  • day-to-day functioning of the business, and growth strategy.
The second category is an advanced course for woman who own a business but would like to develop it further. The advanced course offers the first and the last module of the beginners course but participants may voluntarily participate in sessions of the other two modules.